Privacy notice

Privacy Notice: 

The purpose of this policy is to establish specific criteria, controls, and notification methods for the process to be used for students enrolled in Encobridge’s courses. The courses offered by Encobridge, Inc., must verify that the student who registers for the course or program is the same student who participates and complete the course or program and receives the Certificate of Completion. 

This policy ensures that Encobridge, Inc. operates in compliance with the provisions of the FDOT, Miami Dade County’s CTQB and State of Florida-DBPR concerning verification of student identity. All methods of verifying student identity must protect the privacy of student information. 

In compliance with Florida Statutes, Encobridge, Inc. do not collect any personal identifiable information from any student enrolled in our courses, unless the student chooses to make such information available to us through e-mail, web applications, online registrations, online forms or other forms. Encobridge will do everything reasonably possible to protect your information using technology and good business practices.

Thank you for your cooperation in complying with Encobridge’s verification of student identity policy.


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