Any person involved in the acceptance process during driven pile operations shall be CTQP Pile Driving Inspector qualified.

An open book, written examination (usually 2.5 hours, multiple choice) is administered on the last day. The passing score for the written examination is 70%

All trainees seeking Pile Driving Inspection qualification must: (1) Obtain on-site experience in which he/she has directly observed, inspected, and recorded the full installation of at least fifteen (15) driven piles under the supervision of a CTQP qualified Pile Driving Inspector (PDI). At least ten (10) of the piles inspected shall be driven with an open ended Diesel Hammer where the trainee must use the saximeter. TM The supervising CTQP qualified PDI shall include a note in the first page of the Pile Installation log as evidence for the required experience, indicating the name of the trainee and stating the trainee has inspected the full installation of the pile. Trainees must also complete and return (to the CTQP administrator) the signed Work Experience Certification (available online through the CTQP website) certifying they have met the required experiential criteria above when submitting the application for PDI. (2) Pass the PDI training course written examination.