Construction Training Programs: 

Trainings are designed to enhance the technical and management skills of the participants. The courses provide a broad understanding of the overall engineering construction, process, plans, specifications and execution of construction and engineering contracts.

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Advanced Bridge Plan Reading

Objectives: - Identify the major components of a bridge structure - Describe the information provided in a bridge plan - Using a bridge plan, explain details of the project

Advanced Roadway Plan Reading

The primary objective of this course is to provide the Students/Contractors with an extensive understanding of the concepts and practices of Roadway Plan Reading.


This course is designed to provide contractors with practical knowledge and a broad understanding of the overall engineering construction practice, in particular the following trades: PAVING ENGINEERING EXCAVATION AND GRADING FOUNDATION & STRUCTURES DRAINAGE AND PIPELINES

Advanced Heavy Construction Estimate

The objective of the course is to provide an awareness of cost parameters associated with heavy construction projects, as well as, the means and methods to incorporate these parameters in a structured manner into cost estimates of such projects.