All applicants seeking the FE Level 1 qualification must pass the FE Level 1 written examination. A closed book written examination is administered, by an approved CTQP proctor for the FE Level 1 qualification course. A passing score for this examination is 70%.

The Level 1 Training Course is approximately eight (8) hours long and is computer based. Topics covered in this course are:

(1) Contract Documents: Review of Supplemental Agreements, Plans, Order of Precedence for documents, etc.

(2) Methods of Measurements: Definitions of Lump Sum, Plan Quantity & Final Measure Pay Item Concepts.

(3) Final Measurements: a) Methods of calculating areas b) Methods of calculating volume c) Methods of calculating linear measurements, weights, etc.

(4) Types of documentation: Field books, site source records for asphalt, concrete, piling, etc., final “As-Built” plans. (5) Introduction of electronic documentation.