ASPHALT PLANT L-II written Exam Only

ASPHALT PLANT L-II: This is for experienced plant technician, who is knowledgeable in the specification requirements, stockpiling, cold feeds, blending and adjustments, interpreting quality control charts, plant calibration/inspection/operation, temperature control and load out.

All trainees seeking Asphalt Plant Level 2 qualification must: (1) Pass the Asphalt Plant Level 2 written examination. (2) First-time qualifiers must possess an active Asphalt Plant Level 1 qualification at the time of taking the Asphalt Plant Level 2 examination. (3) Have 90 days experience in asphalt plant operations or asphalt mix testing. After a trainee has successfully met all of these qualification requirements, the qualification date will be added to the training database. Qualification shall be for five years (60 months) from the date the last qualification examination requirement was satisfied.